God Made a Counselor
(Inspired by Paul Harvey's "God Made a Farmer")

God looked down on His creation and saw that His children were wandering in the wilderness of this world. And so, He sent a Savior to save the lost.

Then one day, He looked down on His creation and saw some of His children were still wandering around in this world, aimless. And so, He made a counselor.

Then God noticed some of His children had found riches in this world and who had every thing that other's think they want. But their soul and their spirit were broken. So, He made a counselor.

Again, God looked down on His creation and saw that His children we running through the wilderness of this world hungry for wholeness and searching for meaning and mercy. So, He made a counselor.

God looked down and saw that His children had become addicted to almost every thing. They were hiding from Him, just like in the garden. They were hurting and pretending not to hurt. And God made a counselor.

Yes! God made a counselor.

-- Rick B.


  • Comes from hope or the belief that recovery is possible. This is essential for building motivation and the ongoing desire to make any kind of progress.
  • Is person-driven, or at least it should be driven by the one seeking recovery. Hopefully, each individual will have their unique path toward their goals. Independence and autonomy are not the same as isolation, arrogance, or self-will. We want to be empowered without becoming dominating. We want to become resourceful and make informed decisions without becoming controlling. We want to become resilient without becoming obsessive. We want our lives to become more than manageable. We want them to become joyous and free.
  • Is holistic. It influences an individual's whole life which includes mind, body, spirit, community, and family. It includes addressing self-care, employment, emotions, housing, dental care, primary healthcare, transportation, etc.
Adapted from SAMHSA blog

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