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Keys to Long Term Recovery

How is it that some people stay clean and sober for so long; even a lifetime? And, if those people have had a relapse, how do they bounce back?

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Rates of Addiction after Drug Use

Not everyone who uses substances or has used substances becomes addicted. You may be a bit surprised by the percentage of people who began using a substance and became addicted to that substance.

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High on Anger

Some folks actually enjoy getting that angry. For them, it's almost like getting high. Or, it feels good because of the control of the environment that occurs.

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Dealing with Doubt

Living life on life's terms is full of emotions and thoughts. One of the most difficult to address is doubt. What are some symptoms of "self doubt"?

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Codependency and Long Term Recovery Essentials

Stay focused. Anything that gets in the way of your recovery life is in the way. Remove it, or side step it and keep moving

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Counselors Can Help Recovery

Recovery comes from hope or the belief that recovery is possible. This is essential for building motivation and the ongoing desire to make any kind of progress.

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Emotional Hunger

This addiction leads us to all kinds of choices regarding food. We become partial to certain tastes.

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Addiction Recovery Stages: Defiance, Compliance, and Accceptance

It appears the majority of people in a recovery program right now are not there because they chose to address the addiction via a structured program. They are in a program because...

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Instant Gratification and Stages of Grief

My belief is that delaying gratification is not the most effective way to address addictions. In fact, the reason it feels so unnatural to delay gratification...

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Coping with Craving and False Positive Drug Screens

For recovery to be successful, it must be active. It begins with preparation, and not with a halfhearted attempt to comply with the wishes of others in your life.

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Addiction and Our Relationships

What ever the addiction is, whether to a substance or a behavior, the addiction comes first, before family, friends, children, work, health, God, values, etc. Everything in life takes a back seat.

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Building Character

Our egos are fragile when we spend so much time focused on them. Instead of our ego, focusing on our character would be a much more healthy and helpful strategy.

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Keeping it Real

I've often wondered, what are people really saying when they say let's keep it real. I'd like to offer some ideas regarding how to really keep things real.

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Sugar Craving during Recovery

Particularly during the early months of recovery, many of us crave and almost become obsessed with sugar. Why? Is it simply a hunger that hits when we get tired. Can we actually get addicted to sugar?

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Difficulties of Recovering from the Addicted Life

Difficulties that are still less painful than the symptoms of the addicted life.

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