Characteristics of Nurturing Families

  1. People feel free to talk about inside feelings and thoughts.
  2. All emotions are accepted without criticism.
  3. Persons are more important than their performance...and it feels that way.
  4. All subjects are open to discussion.
  5. Individual differences are okay.
  6. Each person is responsible for his or her own actions.
  7. When disagreements occur, they are addressed respectfully.
  8. Shoulds and oughts are limited.
  9. There are clear and realistic rules.
  10. The atmosphere is generally relaxed.
  11. Family and individuals face and work through stressors together.
  12. People have energy.
  13. Family members feel loved.
  14. Growth and achievements are celebrated.
  15. Generally, family members have a healthy sense of self-worth.

Okay, do you know any families that have these characteristics...that aren't on television? I don't. As a matter of fact, even the "best" families I am acquainted with don't match up 100%. Maybe 50%. So, what does that mean. Only that we all need help with our lives and our relationships. Addiction negatively effects the family. You may be seeing your counselor on a regular basis. That's good. It could be that someone in your family could use a little hope and encouragement too. They are welcome here, anytime.

Rick B.

What Makes Recovery Work?

A recent survey of recovering individuals asked what aspects of recovery did they believe had the most positive effect on their recovery. Below are the percentages:

12 Step work 48%
Acceptance 38%
Boundaries 10%
Service work <1%
Other 3%

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