Progress & Not Perfection

Perfection is being right.
Progress is willingness to be wrong.

Perfection is anger and frustration.
Progress is serene and calm.

Perfection is static.
Progress is dynamic.

Perfection is judgmental.
Progress is accepting and curious.

Perfection is taking.
Progress is giving.

Perfection is about the destination.
Progress is about the journey.


I am lucky to have mentors in my life who have suggested that I practice serenity. I have been known to call one or more of those wonder filled peers and colleagues with a frantic tone in my voice. These good folks do not buy into my fear. Usually, not until I stopped rambling would they say a word.

After I became "centered" we would talk. Sometimes all of us want help working through our emotions and thoughts. Find someone to talk to who will support serenity, rather than feed anxiety. Learn to recognize turmoil and crisis in your body, speech, emotions, and thoughts. Learn and experience what it feels like to become centered, grounded, and calm. Being peace "full" is a learned and practiced behavior. There are many books and apps to get, use, and teach the principles that help us develop mindfulness and serenity. Also, yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi can be particularly good tools.

Calming ourselves, without substances, processing addictive behaviors, or emotional eating, can feel a bit weird at first. Over time though, using meditation, yoga, positive self-talk, sharing with trusted friends, etc., will become the new you.

Rick B.

Recovery Quotes

"First Things First."
"Just for Today."
"Living in the Here and Now."
"But for the Grace of God."
"Turn it Over."
"Willingness is the Key."
"God is Never Late."
"Our Need is God's Opportunity."
"Take it Easy."
"If you don't want to Slip, Avoid Slippery Places."
"Clean Up Your Side of the Street."
"No One is too Dumb for the Program, but many are too smart."
"Be part of the Solution, not part of the Problem."

How To Be Calm

When we are not feeling calm, it can be due to fear or not feeling safe. When we feel safe, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, it is so much easier to remain calm. My dear ole dad used to say the first thing to remember is just "don't get excited". As a veteran of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam wars, I figure he had a good handle on calm.

When there are no or minimal feelings of security, the primitive brain kicks in and gets ready for a fight. Your fight is characterized by hyper-awareness, intense thoughts, and emotions. We get into a survival mode.

Here are five suggestions to feel more secure:

  1. Do not jump to conclusions.
  2. Learn the difference between a hill and a mountain.
  3. Allow yourself to believe there is usually more than one way to address almost any challenge.
  4. Find a "go to" kind of friend.
  5. Use your tools: prayer, meditation, deep breathing, etc.
adapted from Psychology Today


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