Some Helpful Numbers
Some Reminders
March 23, 2006
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous Dosing hours Monday through
214-887-6699 Friday are 5:30 am to 11:30 am
NA - Narcotics Anonymous
972-699-9306 Counseling is available 5:30 am to 12:30 pm
OA - Overeaters Anonymous    Recovery is a Journey
512-327-2802 Clinic hours on Saturday are
   "There is only one corner of the
Problem Gamblers Help-Line 6:00 am to 9:00 am
  universe you can be certain of
  improving; and that is your own self."
SA - Sex/Love Addicts Annon. Closed on Sunday
800-477-8191    Taking responsibility for our own
DA - Debtors Anonymous Please remember to bring your    attitudes, actions, and neglects is
713-797-8441 lock boxes.    far more difficult than managing
Shoplifters Anonymous COME TO GROUP    and directing the lives of other
713-840-1833 WE ARE MEETING EVERY    people.
Recovery Related Stuff SATURDAY FROM 8:30 AM TO 9:15 AM    Giving advice to another person, for
Hepatitis Information      example, is much easier than prac-
Autobiography In Five Short
   ticing what we preach. If we would
   apply our advice to our own lives,
The Association of Persons
by Portia Nelson
   we would have less time to criticize,
Affected by Addiction
1. I walk down the street.    correct, or interfere in someone
    There is a deep hole in the    else's difficulties. We would be
The Twelfth Step Ministry
    sidewalk.    amazed at how many alternatives
    I fall in.    we have within our grasp that could
Lots of support groups of
    I am lost…I am helpless.    solve, or at least alleviate, the
various interests.
     It isn't my fault.    problems in our lives.
Visit their web site.
     It takes forever to find a way      out.
Problem Solving
2. I walk down the same street.   1.  Identify the problem. Be specific.
3.  Same street.      There is a deep hole in the    2.  Generate all possible options.
     There's a deep hole.      sidewalk.          -Don't judge any option, at first.
     I see it is there.      I pretend I don't see it.          -Wild ideas are welcome.
     I still fall….it's a habit.  But,      I fall in again.          -Think of as many options as
     my eyes are open now.       I can't believe I am in the            possible.
     I know where I am.      same place, but it isn't my    3.  Eliminate any obviously bad
     It is my fault.      fault.          choices.
     I get out immediately.      It still takes a long time to get   4.  Examine the remaining options
     out.        one at a time.
see column 1
  5.  Pick the"best"and go to it.

Dr. Candace McDaniel
8021 East R.L. Thornton Fwy, Suite A
Dallas, Texas 75228

Call (214) 328-4848 or  for more information