Some Helpful Numbers
Some Reminders
May 24, 2006
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous Dosing hours Monday through
214-887-6699 Friday are 5:30 am to 11:30 am
NA - Narcotics Anonymous
972-699-9306 Counseling is available 5:30 am to 12:30 pm
OA - Overeaters Anonymous    Recovery is a Journey
512-327-2802 Clinic hours on Saturday are
"The most useless day of all is that
Problem Gamblers Help-Line 6:00 am to 9:00 am
in which we have not laughed."
Sebastien R.N. Chamfort
SA - Sex/Love Addicts Annon. Closed on Sunday   When we wallow in self-pity we
800-477-8191    actually become obsessed with our
DA - Debtors Anonymous Please remember to bring your   moaning and groaning. We con-
713-797-8441 lock boxes.    vince ourselves that we'll never
Shoplifters Anonymous COME TO GROUP    laugh again.  It gets easy to cry,
713-840-1833 WE ARE MEETING EVERY    alone and secretly.
Recovery Related Stuff SATURDAY FROM 8:30 AM TO 9:15 AM    When we hear others laughing,
Hepatitis Information      especially at meetings, we can    experience a lot of uncomfortable
ACUPUNCTURE    feelings:  shock, fear, anger, or even
The Association of Persons
   jealousy.  How could those people
Affected by Addiction
   be laughing at a time like this?
The Twelfth Step Ministry
The procedure is called
   And then it happens…we laugh
auricular acupuncture.
   again.  What an awakening when
Lots of support groups of
It is helpful for a variety of issues
   we let ourselves join the laughter.
various interests.
that affect those with
   How empowering it is to laugh at
Visit their web site.
   the sadness of our past, or what we
Please see your counselor.
   once were.  Now, we can laugh with
   joy at being free of the obsession of
"We can make our minds so
   addiction.  In gratitude we resolve
still like water that beings
   not to return to the old ways.  We
gather about us, that they
   laugh and jump for joy at the
may see their own images,
   thought of just being alive.  Our
and live for a moment with a
   serenity prayer brings peace, and
clearer, perhaps even with
   joy and contentment, and commit-
Thanks to all of our patients for
a fiercer life because of our
   ment to our recovery.
your input on the satisfaction
surveys. Most recent results
William Butler Yeats
   Laughter can be a source of growth.
reveal a 95% over-all satisfac-
   Laughing reduces stress.  Laugh-
tion with our services.      ing is progress!        --Rick B. LCDC

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