Addiction Self Assessment

Which drugs are you currently using?


If you answer "No" to the first two addiction self assessment questions, chances are you are not chemically dependent. If you answered "Yes" to any of the other questions it is recommended that you get a professional addiction assessment for possible substance abuse or drug addiction problem.

The results of this self assessment are not conclusive; these are only indicators. If you have questions about addiction, please call (214) 328-4848 or submit the form below for a free consultation. One of our counselors will be happy to answer your questions.

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The Shame Test

Please read each statement. Choose the term which best describes your response.

Always-1   Very Often-2   Often-3   Sometimes-4   Seldom-5   Very Seldom-6   Never-7

Please add up the numbers you placed in the boxes. If your score is 10-36 please seriously consider some counseling. If your score is 37-46 you may find that counseling will benefit you, especially in making decisions. If your score is 47-70 you have done well in addressing the shame that plagues so many.

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