What We Offer

Counseling and Medical Treatments
  • Pain pill addiction treatments with Methadone or Buprenorphine
  • Opiate (heroin) dependency treatments with Methadone or Buprenorphine
  • Alcoholism treatment with Naltrexone

Treatments For Other Addictions
  • Cocaine
  • Xanax, Valium
  • Pot
  • Cigarettes

  • HEP C - HEP C

    Free hepatitis C testing for patients and the public. Walk-ins are welcome.

  • STD - The Dallas County Health Department is offering screening for sexually transmitted diseases. The fee is $25.
  • HIV - A member of the HEI department from the Greater Dallas Counsel on Alcohol and Drug Abuse is here to offer free HIV testing almost every Friday. The test is called "OraQuick Advance". The test is based on saliva and you get your results in 20 minutes and is 99% accurate. All you do is come in and asked to be tested.

Family Services
  • Enhanced treatment and prenatal education for pregnant patients
  • Counseling, education, and support for families of patients
  • Treatment with antidepressants and antibiotics offered


The procedure is called auricular acupuncture. It is helpful for a variety of issues that affect those with addictions. Please see our newsletter for more information.

Detox Spa

Helps cleanse your body of toxins. You will feel better in 30 minutes.

Speakers Bureau

A member of our staff can speak to any organization regarding addiction and treatment. Please contact our office.

What Our Patients Say
I was addicted to pain pills, 25-50 pills a day. My life was in shambles when I came to the clinic. Thanks to the clinic with the new medication Buprenorphine, I do not crave the pills and I'm drug free. The counselors and staff are great! They gave me back my life, only better than before. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.
Melissa W.
Dr. McDaniel and her staff of professionals have enabled me to deal with my substance abuse problem in an atmosphere of competence and respect. This is the best program of its kind I have ever been involved with.

Full time spanish speaking counselor on staff

Dr. Candace McDaniel
8021 East Thornton FWY, Suite A
Dallas, Texas 75228

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