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Progress & Not Perfection

Personality Front/Back

Sometimes all of us want help working through our emotions and thoughts. Find someone to talk to who will support serenity, rather than feed anxiety

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My Mind is Set on a Mindset

Many times a mindset is the result of our upbringing. We inherited it from those around us when we were growing up. Sometimes the mindset was established just from being in the environment that nurtured and promoted the mindset.

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People figure out they are not in control of the substance they are using in just a few months but it may take up to three years before they seek treatment.

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Some Lessons From Anxiety

It's not just one symptom. When we are experiencing the anxiety we may also feel that awful sense of shame and vulnerability.

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Recovery Starts with Hope

Hope is not a wishful type of thinking. It is a proactive way of thinking and dreaming that supports your ultimate goals.

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The Bravest Thing

The bravest thing I have ever done is realizing I'm worth it. I remind myself every day that I am brave, alive, and worthy of every breath I take.

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Live One Day at a Time

You don't get over an addiction by stopping using. You recover by creating a life where it is easier not to use.

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Romancing the Past

Some folks call it "romancing the the past" when we are euphorically recalling our previous experiences with substance use, abuse, and dependence.

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Recovery is a Journey

Genuine humility and self acceptance produce the willingness to give what we have of ourselves.

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Twelve Step Introduction

I went to an AA meeting one time for a friend's recovery birthday. At that same meeting were a couple of other folks who were celebrating recovery birthdays of their own.

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Road to Recovery

We want to be sensitive to areas in our lives that need our attention and then take appropriate action. Many of our concerns end up either being created by our own actions initially.

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Keys to Long Term Recovery

How is it that some people stay clean and sober for so long; even a lifetime? And, if those people have had a relapse, how do they bounce back?

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Rates of Addiction after Drug Use

Not everyone who uses substances or has used substances becomes addicted. You may be a bit surprised by the percentage of people who began using a substance and became addicted to that substance.

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High on Anger

Some folks actually enjoy getting that angry. For them, it's almost like getting high. Or, it feels good because of the control of the environment that occurs.

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Dealing with Doubt

Living life on life's terms is full of emotions and thoughts. One of the most difficult to address is doubt. What are some symptoms of "self doubt"?

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